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My listeners often call me with questions about window replacements.  I’ve heard every question from, “Will birds fly in my house when you take my windows out?” to “Should I turn up the air conditioning so you won’t get hot while replacing the windows?”       

Question: What do homeowners really need to know about window replacement projects?

      Tip #1 – Window replacement is a progressive remodeling project. Only one or two windows are taken out at a time and then those windows are immediately replaced. The entire home will not resemble a piece of Swiss cheese with holes in it for birds, weather or animals to enter through during the replacement process.
      Tip #2 – Remove window treatments (including shades and blinds) before the installers arrive to give them easy access to the windows. Glass ornaments or decorations should also be removed from the windows, ledges and sills.
      Tip #3 – Pre-determine with your installer how much space will be needed to operate inside and outside the home for each window. Some furnishings may need to be moved away from windows and breakables taken off wall shelves. On the outside, ladders may need to be used in gardens or bushes to reach windows for replacement.
      Tip #4 – Decide and communicate with the installation team which doors will be used to gain access to the home, which restrooms are available for crew use and what procedures you feel most comfortable with for home access.
      Tip #5 – Kids, pets and contractors --- they’re like oil and water. For safety sake, make arrangements to keep young children and family pets secured and away from workers at all times.
Question:  OK, so it seems like these are all good tips for when windows are being replaced in the home. Are there any other ideas you can share with our listeners to make sure everything goes hassle-free when they’re making this major investment in a window replacement project?

      Tip #6 – When selecting a window installer, make sure to request paperwork that assures you that the entire installation team is bonded and insured.
      Tip #7 – Double check the paperwork that comes with new windows … and the windows themselves. If you requested ENERGY STAR® qualified windows, make sure the stickers are on the window. If you asked for low-maintenance vinyl frames from Simonton Windows, double check to make sure you receive them. And, if you see any broken glass or damaged frames, bring it to the attention of your installer before the windows are placed in your home. Also make certain to save your window warranty information in a secure location.
      Tip #8 – Discuss removal of your old windows with your installer. Sometimes either the new or used windows may need to be stored at your residence for several days. Direct the team where to store the windows, how to protect them and a timeframe for removal.
      Tip #9 – Find out your installer’s weather policy. While they may be fine working in the rain or snow, you may not want the interior of your home to get muddy or wet. Decide together what are acceptable weather conditions for your project.
      Tip #10 – Ask about cleanup. There’s a fair amount of dust and mess that comes with a window replacement project. Discuss beforehand if furnishings should be covered during the installation process and what the company’s policy is for clean-up after installation both inside and outside the home.
 Question:  For determining when it’s time to actually replace your windows. What can you tell us about that?

  • All windows in a home should be inspected carefully on a yearly basis.
  • Homes with windows over 20 years old should especially be checked out because windows can lose their energy efficiency.            
 - To determine if it’s time for a window replacement:
Check for warm or cool “spots” inside your home near your windows. This could mean the windows are not doing enough to help insulate the home.
  • If your windows are hard to open or close, don’t stay open or won’t lock, these are signs that they may need replacing.
  • If draperies, rugs or furniture are discolored or faded, you may want to upgrade to Low E coatings designed to filter the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and reduce fading inside the home.
  • When replacing windows, check first on the building codes for your area. Many codes change regularly and you’ll need to comply with local codes.
 For more information on replacing windows in the home, visit Simonton Windows at www.simonton.com.
   - The National Association of the Remodeling Industry at www.nari.org.




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