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Q1. I want some keys cut. Why should I go to a locksmith and not the local shoe repair shop?

A1. Locksmiths qualified, well trained, and supervised locksmiths. They have a huge range of key blanks in stock.  They guarantee there work.  They cut car, motorcycle, house, boat, business, padlock keys, keys to code and many more.  They use only the best brass key blanks and properly maintained equipment.

Q2. I've just moved into a new home, and I'm concerned about security. What should I do first?

A2. Firstly, I would recommend re-keying the existing locks on your doors. This prevents any previous holders of keys to gain entry to your home. Next, I would also recommend having deadbolts fitted to the external doors and patio bolts fitted to sliding glass doors and finally window locks to all accessible windows. Your contents insurance may require all of the above.

Q3. My friends house was "broken in" and her insurance company claimed it was not adequately secured. Why?

A3. Insurance companies all vary in the level of security they require.  I recommend you refer to your insurance company's policy statement and for further clarification contact them personally. In most cases insurance companies ask for double cylinder deadlocks to be fitted to all external doors, and keyed locks on all windows & glass doors.

Q4. What is a restricted key system?

A4. A restricted key system is a patented key system, which provides control on who can obtain duplicate keys to your premises. Restricted keyways also provide extra protection against lock pickers. Some are even said to be "pick proof". The locksmith will keep records of each key cut and we recommend the signatory keeps a key log as well.

Q5. I have ten different keys for my windows. Can I do anything about that?

A5. Yes! There is nothing worse than fumbling through many keys to find the correct key. Locksmiths usually install window locks that are "keyed alike", where one key operates all locks. To solve this problem, you can either remove these locks and bring them to your locksmiths workshop to be "keyed alike", or we can come to your house and complete the work there.

Q6. At my work things are disappearing. When I looked at who has keys, I didn't know! What can I do?

A6. There are several choices available to you, all varying in price and level of security. One, you could have all the locks on the premises re-keyed, and then monitor who keys are issued to. But, there will be no control over copies being made at the local shops. Two, you could have all locks re-keyed onto a high-security restricted key system and you will be the authorized signatory. Read more information under Locksmiths in Product & Services. Three, you could install an electronic access control system, which monitors the staff members who enter and exit the building. For further details see Electronics under Locksmiths in Products & Services.

Q7. There are so many locks out there! How do I know which to choose?

A7. Yes, there are many locks out there! All locks are designed for a specific purpose and function. So the first step would be to locksmith  and ask. Once they have identified what purpose and function you are after we can show you a range of locks that would suit you. Other considerations that may influence your decision include, the brand of lock, where it is made, the color, and the price.

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