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  How to Choose the Right Decking Material....

Thereare many more Decking choices available in today’s market, as outdoor living has become an increasingly more important part of our lifestyles. When making your purchase decision, you must first know if you want a traditional plank deck or a solid surface deck. Plank decks are available in a variety of wood types as well as composites, but the main drawback to all of them is the fact the water will drip through, making the space below wet and unusable.
Solid surface decking is found in products such as fibreglass, liquid applied systems and sheet vinyl membranes, such as Duradek. Each system has their strengths and weaknesses; consider the following;

Fibreglass decks are very hard and durable, however they get very hot in the direct sunlight. They must be applied under ideal conditions, to an ideal substrate or risk possible failure. Fibreglass is available only in solid colors which tend to show the dirt more. Non-slip surfaces are available by adding sand, rubber chips or walnut shells etc., but that can make it more difficult to clean.

Liquid applied systems have lots of choices of solid colors and very good adhesion to a well prepared subsurface. However, the application requires several trips to the job site and multiple coats are required to reach the appropriate thickness. The application requires drying time in between successive coats, each of which must be kept clean, which can prove difficult on a construction project. The system must be re-done every few years, so the life cycle is relatively short. Liquid systems are available only in solid colors which tend to show the dirt more. Non-slip surfaces are available by adding sand, rubber chips or walnut shells etc., which can be more difficult to clean.

Duradek Ultra is both a waterproof roofing membrane and a walkable surface in one. The factory made sheets have a predetermined thickness and can be installed over less than ideal subsurfaces, in less than ideal conditions. Duradek is useable immediately with no curing or drying time. Duradek is lightweight, is installed in one jobsite trip, has a great appearance, is slip-resistant with a 20+ year life cycle.

Remember, not all vinyl is created equal – click here (www.duradek.com/_customelements/uploadedResources/VinylPurchaseChecklist.pdf) for a “Vinyl Purchase Checklist” to help you with your final purchasing decision.
Finally, Duradek is applied ONLY through a network of Professionally Trained Applicators (www.duradek.com/find_a_dealer.html?  )so the job is done right, the first time.  A Duradek Applicator understands proper waterproofing details, building codes and knows how important your investment is. Trust your job to the trained, professional network of Duradek Applicators!


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