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Show Staff


  Show Staff

Michael St. Anthony Melancon - Executive Producer and Business Manager
Michael-St-Anthony Melancon began his producing career as the Executive Producer of the hit musical Legends on Tour. Legends on Tour toured all across the South of the United States for six years and parts of the musical have been featured in venues such as the Superdome, Lakefront Arena, New Orleans Arena, House of Blues New Orleans and the Tiger Stadium. After six successful years, Michael-St-Anthony switched hats and entered the field of radio broadcasting by becoming the Executive Producer of HomeTalk with Michael King. "I have found that the word producer means many different things and has many different job responsibilities depending on in which medium a person is producing. However, it has been my experience that although the specific tasks and mediums might be different, the techniques/skills of producing are fundamental." As the Executive Producer, Michael-St-Anthony searches and researches the best possible experts/companies to help support the show and works diligently to include and expand our audience. Michael-St-Anthony has an innate talent of knowing what the listening audience wants to hear which allows the show to be educational and informative. "This is a thrill for me. I get to be a part of something that doesn't just help people improve their houses, but helps people to create their home."

Daniel A. Ramagoz - National Sales Manager
As National Sales Manager, Dan comes to us from Consumer Guide, Inc. a BBB publication. His experience in sales and marketing and his high ethical standards make him a tremendous asset to the show. Dan is in charge of sponsorship development, marketing and selling our show to potential sponsors. In addition, Dan looks for good quality Home Improvement companies to appear on the show, and sets up the initial interviewing process in order to screen appropriate potential sponsors.

Michelle Jasko - Director of Affiliate Relations
Michelle is the President of Nashville Radio Syndication Inc located in Nashville TN. She has experience in all aspects of the radio industry and will be eager to help you in getting Home Talk USA set up on your station. Previously she held positions in affiliate relations for Jones Radio Networks, associate editor at MStreet Journal, owner/creative director for Lark Media Inc., AE for RS Associates Broadcast Media Sales andoperations manager for WIYC, 104.3 St Thomas. Prior to entering the radio industry Michelle was a singer, guitarist for 10 years in the Caribbean. A New York City native, she now prefers the green grass of the suburbs of Nashville where she lives with her son, their small dog, is learning to play piano and the proud owner of her first jet ski. To add Home Talk USA to your station, please call Michelle at 615-673-3450 or email or her at nashvilleradio@bellsouth.net.

Amy Hymel- Public Relations, Promotions and Marketing
With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Drama from the University of New Orleans. Amy is a great addition to the Home Talk family. With over 156 markets around the country currently carrying our show, and as Head of Affiliate Relations, Amy's job is to increase market share and to market and promote "Home Talk" to National Radio Broadcasting companies around the country. Amy is also in charge of contacting and selling our show to radio stations. In addition, Amy promotes and markets Michael King himself for personal appearances and speaking engagements.

Christy Carter - Media and Advertising
The owner of Alfa Advertising Agency, Christy is the official ad agency for "Home Talk".

Jeff Gill-Greve - Webmaster / Creative Design

Jeff Gill-Greve joined the Homa Talk family in October of 2004 when he designed and built Michael King's website, HomeTalkUSA.com, which he still maintains. Jeff has been a web site designer since 1997 and owns his own web site consulting company, PurpleMustache.com. Jeff has an extensive background in art and design. He graduated from the University of New Orleans in 1994 with a bachelors degree in Drama/Communications. In addition to being Michael King's Webmaster, he is the Webmaster for several other sites as well.

Joseph T. Ricci, Associate Producer
A veteran in sheetrock construction for over 40 years.

Randy Jacobs, Associate Producer
Home Improvement sales.

Tamara Rubin , Associate Producer
On Board of Directors for the Lead Faith Foundation.

Anthony Ellis – Associate Producer
Marketing and Communications from Louisiana State University.



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